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Write For Us!

Sunday Cups is open to collaborating with café hoppers and experienced blog writers who can cater to coffee consumers in Canada and across the world. We're looking for exceptional writers from diverse cultures who have a particular interest in the coffee industry and are willing to contribute regularly to our blog. Sunday Cups is publishing everything — from coffee shop lists and special drink features to facts about the history of coffee production and its origins. We believe in supporting local businesses to build a stronger sense of community. We are excited to deliver original stories from all around the world.

Our mission is to be the #1 publisher of news in the coffee industry and the go-to source for honest reviews on local coffee shops. We want to build a diverse team of writers to represent different coffee cultures and the various methods used to brew coffee. With our detailed reviews, we will be able to help citizens find local coffee shops that will fit their needs, whether that is finding a place to study, a good cup of coffee, or a place to hang out with friends! We hope to inspire citizens to support local and adopt sustainable practices around coffee consumption.


What Are We Looking For?

Coffeeshop Reviewers

Do you want to highlight local coffee shops near you? We are seeking volunteer coffee shop reviewers to join the Sunday Cups team. Our coffee shop reviewers must have excellent judgment and extensive knowledge about the coffee industry from production to taste. Our critics must have a clear and distinctive voice that isn't afraid to tell the complete truth, even if it is unpleasant. Experience visiting local coffee shops are necessary.

Coffeeshop Reviewers should be situated in a community with several local coffee shops and have a means of transportation to and from cafes. 

Reviewers must have basic photography and exceptional writing, research, and communication skills. SCA Certification or Q Grader Certification are preferred but not necessary.

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Blog Writers

Love coffee? Sunday Cups is on a mission to cover the latest news in the coffee industry. We cover topics from tips and tricks on brewing better coffee at home to how coffee pods are setting our planet back decades. We are seeking volunteer blog writers to join the Sunday Cups team. Our writers must have extensive knowledge of the coffee industry.

Ultimately, Sunday Cups is a platform for coffee connoisseurs to share their expertise by writing articles about coffee-related topics. 

We are looking for writers who can craft unique content to share in our blog space and are enthusiastic about preparing articles on their own topics of interest related to the coffee industry. Our writers must be able to work independently with little direction and contribute to the blog on a regular basis.

Writers must have exceptional writing, research, and communication skills.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

Coffeeshop Reviewer

As a Coffeeshop Reviewer, you will visit local coffee shops near you. At each shop, you must buy two coffee-based beverages, take photos of your order and take pictures of the interior/exterior of the coffee shop. During your shop visit, you must evaluate the coffeeshops atmosphere, seating, customer service, location, and drink taste. Afterward, you must put together a detailed review following the style format requested by Sunday Cups. 

Blog Writer

As a Blog Writer, your responsibilities will include researching coffee-related topics, such as various brewing techniques, the difference between roasts, coffee facts, etc. Writers will put together articles on given topics and will be given the freedom to prepare articles on their own topics of interest related to the coffee industry at their own discretion. Conducting interviews for coffee articles may be necessary. 

Other FAQ

Will I Receive Credit for My Work?

Sunday Cups gives credit for their writer's work. The bottom of each article will have a byline with the name of the author of the article with a link to the writer's blogger bio. 

Is this a paid position?

These positions are voluntary. This means that if you accept the role, you perform all duties voluntarily and will not receive payment for your work. If this changes at any time, and there is a possibility that you might undertake paid work for Sunday Cups, the company will discuss this with you and document the arrangement in a formal employment contract. 

Will I be reimbursed for Volunteer Expenses?

Sunday Cups will NOT reimburse the Volunteer for any out-of-pocket expenses the Volunteer may incur to carry out any and all tasks related to the Volunteer position.

How Do I Apply? 

If you meet our criteria, we want to hear from you! Apply through LinkedIn or by emailing with an attachment of your resume and cover letter. If applying through email, please clearly state what position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

What Happens After I Apply?

If you have relevant experience, our recruitment team will be in touch with you to schedule a telephone interview. After your interview, our recruiters will determine whether you are a good fit for the Sunday Cups team. If you are a successful candidate, we will send over our Volunteer Agreement and ask for a headshot photo and bio to include in your blogger profile. You will then receive an invite via email to write through our website, and we will discuss further details such as coffee topics, article structure, photos, and word count with you. All submitted work must abide by Sunday Cups Editorial Standards.

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